Patient And Provider Testimonials

For years I truly suffered from low back pain. Only after my treatments with Dr. Kamerer did I realize what relief was available to me! My back feels great and I have more energy and curiously, more relaxation in my life, since receiving adjustments and education with you and your wonderful staff. Thanks and I'll be BACK !!!!
Sara S.

I first met Dr. Kamerer when I was 8 months pregnant with a breech baby. My midwife had referred me to Dr. Kamerer and it was the beginning of a long relationship. Since then, Dr. Kamerer has been a provider for myself and my children and has often provided solutions when traditional medicine had none. Apart from treating our musculo-skeletal symptoms, she has addressed our concerns with multiple bodily systems. She has treated us for digestive troubles and has been a salvation when there appeared to be nothing our regular doctors could do for us. I have consulted Dr. Kamerer for my children's ear infections and even behavioral problems. As for me, she has often diagnosed and effectively treated my chronic digestive problems. When the stress of staying at home with two small children plays havoc with my body, it is Dr. Kamerer I turn to. She has helped me embark on an exercise program that was appropriate for me and alleviated any subsequent injuries. Dr. Kamerer's services have proven a must have for my family's overall health care needs. We have consulted her as often and sometimes more than our primary care physicians. Her skills are that integral to maintaining our family's health.
Nellie T.

I am feeling so much better today! And I have less of a pirate walk today :) YAY! !! Thanks for all you do!
Crystal M.

As a midwife, when I refer clients to another care provider, I look for those that empower and educate them, rather than simply "care for" and "fix" a problem. Dr. Tricia fits that bill perfectly. My clients have loved her and have all felt that she took extra time to teach them self-care techniques that helped them to feel their best in pregnancy and to be prepared for their birth and postpartum periods. I continue to send the moms with whom I work to Dr. Tricia because I know they will receive not only the best of care, but that they will be listened to and honored as their own primary care provider, rather than a patient.
Dana Combest, Midwife

Great knowledgable staff, Dr. Trish is professional, very skilled, compassionate, and very thorough. Her knowledge of and application of Chiropractic care is unmatched.
Neil R.

Dr. Tricia Kamerer is amazing! She has helped me and my family in so many ways from Chiropractic to quantum neurology stuff she does with my kids. The best doctor I have ever been to.
Amelia W.